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A quick and handy DBF viewer and dbf file editor that features a modern multi-document
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27 May 2015

Editor's review

Database is a necessity in almost every kind of business to keep the various records intact. These database files need to be updated with new details and it also helps in retrieving the required information. This is often a tough ask and it proves to be an extra onus on the user. You can try out DBF Viewer 2000 2.45 for this purpose. It supports viewing and editing various DBF files like dBase, FoxBase, Clipper, Foxpro, Visual DBase, VO, Visual Foxpro, DB2K, and many more. The program provides you with different functions such as viewing, editing, sorting, deleting duplicates etc. With the help of the software you can easily get your data exported to TXT, SQL, CSV, DBF, Excel, XML, HTML, PRG, and RTF format files.

DBF Viewer 2000 2.45 helps the user to increase the working speed with the database. It supports making changes to the memo fields in various database format files and does not depends on any external drivers to get connected to the databases. The interface of the program is presented in the simplest manner and does not require the user to put in much effort to work with it. You need to connect to the database and then open data with the program. The different sections of the database are shown with the program from where you can easily view or make the changes as desired. The right click on the desired record show features to copy the record or the field as desired. To have the selections made specific the order can be selected to be ascending or descending. Apply the ‘Quick Filter’, open URL, have the record exported in to the supported format file and even view the ‘Fields Info’. You’re even provided with the variety of features on the toolbar that can be used to perform different functions.

DBF Viewer 2000 2.45 program is capable of assisting the users to view and modify the databases without puzzling them with complex functions. The rating point of 3.5 has been assigned to the software for the speed with which it performs the work and for the ability to lessen the complexity in database related work.

Publisher's description

If your company uses a database application based on any of such popular systems as Clipper, dBase, FoxPro and their "Visual" clones, you have a lot of files in the DBF format. Your everyday administration tasks probably include backing up your DBF files, synchronizing them between computers or offices, converting them to other formats, publishing on the web and more...
When managing DBF files, you often need to take a quick look at their contents. Starting your database application, and finding the necessary data is not the easiest way to do this. Moreover, from a database application GUI, it is normally not clear what data is contained in each particular DBF file. Administrators usually prefer to use a simple DBF viewer for this purpose.
Before you buy a DBF viewer with only very basic features, you may want to consider a product from HiBase Group called DBF Viewer 2000. For the very same price, you'll receive an all-purpose Swiss Army Knife for your DBF files.
First of all, it's a quick and handy DBF viewer that features a modern multi-document tabbed interface. It includes all you'll need for comfortable DBF browsing. In addition, the program provides full editing capabilities. You can edit or manage records as well as the table structure. The built-in dbf editor of DBF Viewer 2000 dynamically builds visual dialogs according to the DBF file structure. These dialogs allow you to edit records naturally as if you were using your database application. There are many advanced editing features including textual fields formatting and automated removal of duplicate records.
Advanced filtering and searching. Printing. Converting dbf data to a range of popular formats (Excel, XML, SQL, TXT, CSV, RTF). Generating web-ready HTML output. Data preview in the Open File dialog. Command line interface for use in batch operations. All these features and more make DBF Viewer 2000 an unparalleled DBF managing tool.
DBF Viewer 2000
DBF Viewer 2000
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